Where is my County pass and County24 valid?

On trains: County passes are valid only within the borders of the selected county in 2nd class on MÁV-START, MÁV-HÉV and GYSEV trains, where a seat reservation is not required. You can also use the TramTrain in the Szeged area (line 1 and 1A).

Please note: InterCity trains require a seat reservation.

On buses: for VOLÁNBUSZ services, the County pass is only valid on interurban buses. For some long-distance bus services, you will need to buy a supplementary ticket in addition to the day ticket (or regular ticket), but this is not required with the 30-day pass.

Local transport: County passes can only be used on local transport (metros/trams/buses) in the following cities: Budapest, Esztergom, Érd and Zalaegerszeg. From 1st May, 2024: Csongrád

Daily tickets do not allow you to use local transport except Érd and Csongrád from 1st May, 2024 (although you can use interurban services between stations within any city).